Sport Outdoor Photography in Cape Town - Morningrun at sunrise on Tablemountain

Photoproduction for Engelhorn Sports in Cape Town. Breathtaking sunrise on the trails and roads over the city bowl

Morning run – energized through Cape Town
5.30 a.m., the sun rises on the horizon, the morning mist lies over the city like a soft blanket. The first steps are hard, but with each move and the Towns awakening, energy is starting to flow through the still sleepy body. As so often, photoshoots tend to start early in the morning. The emptiness in the cities, the softness of the light and the tiredness, gets replaced by that energetic atmosphere only an early bird knows. Cape Town is a breathtaking, pulsating metropole, a cultural melting pot, filled with young, athletic people. The early waking up is difficult, but the satisfaction and energy after a morning run through Cape Town outweighs.