Gravel bike tour through the desert

We produced this images in the Spanish desert for the True Originals campaign.

The images for the "True Originals" campaign by Spanish manufacturer Original Buff were produced against the impressive backdrop of the Spanish desert. The location proved to be the perfect place to showcase the authenticity and uniqueness of the products. The lighting mood in the desert was a fascinating spectacle. From the warm light of sunrise to rapidly gathering fog and intense midday light, we experienced a variety of atmospheric changes throughout the day. Every moment offered a new opportunity to capture the products in different scenarios and lighting conditions. The variety of lighting situations added an extra dimension to the campaign and emphasised the versatility of True Originals. The temperatures in the desert were just as impressive as the lighting conditions. There was a pleasant warmth until late in the evening, which only gradually cooled down at dusk. When we finally sat round the campfire, we felt the gentle coolness of the desert night. This moment of being together by the fire contributed to the special atmosphere of the shoot and created memories that will last far beyond the production.